Integrated software platform for
Corporate Real Estate and Facility Managers

Planon Universe for Corporate Real Estate and Facility Managers is an innovative Integrated Workplace Management (IWMS) platform that creates greater efficiency and quality in processes, measurably reduces corresponding costs and successfully contributes to the organization’s performance.

01Real Estate Management (REM)

With the Planon Real Estate Management solution you’re in control of your most expensive asset: real estate!

By collecting your real estate data in a structured and centralised single-source-of-the-truth you immediately eliminate existing spreadsheets and local administrations. This ensures a reliable quality of data and makes your real estate costs transparent.

The solution supports all real estate processes for owners, tenants, users and commercial service providers to maximise the financial, technical and functional performance of real estate, and ensure full compliance and alignment with the organisation’s strategy. Read more.

02Space & Workplace Management (SWM)

Planon supports customers in implementing efficient space management and innovative workplace strategies that are aligned with the changing needs of their organization.

SWM helps users to register all the relevant data regarding rooms, workstations, floor areas, CAD (computer-aided design) drawings, department and people in one place (in the same software). Example, after adding a building, it can be added floors to Planon and link these floors to this building (could be using CAD drawings and link them to each floor.

SWM allows organizations to create healthy and engaging workplaces for users and better use of limited resources. It reduces facility management costs and increases business productivity, compliance, and transparency. Read more.

03Asset Maintenance Management (AMM)

The Planon Maintenance Management solution supports you in keeping your buildings and assets in the required technical and functional condition to support your companies’ goals.

This solution collects all the relevant asset information and maintenance data for all your buildings in one central database, allowing you to eliminate local administration and increase control on costs, planning and execution of maintenance work.

By supporting multiple maintenance processes including reactive, planned preventive and just-in-time maintenance, you can constantly improve the cost efficiency and effect of the maintenance efforts for your organisation. The broad support of work execution processes and Health & Safety procedures makes this solution highly valuable for owners, tenants, internal maintenance departments, and commercial service providers. Read more.

04Sustainability Management (SUS)

The Planon Sustainability Management solution allows you to measure and monitor all energy consumption, carbon emissions and costs of your buildings and departments in a structured and standardised way.

By registering and importing all impact areas including energy, waste, and commuting data in one central database, you gain access to relevant KPIs that support decision making and compliant reporting.

The solution supports sustainability assessments based on standards including BREEAM-In-Use & LEED to validate the green performance of your real estate and organisation. Project management and measurement libraries support the execution of targeted improvements to ultimately save costs, increase your portfolio value and improve your corporate image. Read more.

05Integrated Services Management (ISM)

The Planon Integrated Services Management solution supports you in creating operational excellence in delivering both people centric and workplace related support services including catering, cleaning, security, employee services, visitor services, problem and incident management, as well as any other services that are requested by your organisation’s workforce.

By registering all services agreements and contracts for both the demand and supply in one central database, you can constantly monitor performance and improve the quality and efficiency of execution. The extensive support of workflows allows you to easily streamline and integrate services processes from multiple disciplines including FM Service Management, IT Service Management and HR Service Management within one integrated solution.

By connecting both your customers and your suppliers to this solution, you achieve full chain integration. This ensures excellent control and transparency in service delivery and supports easy implementation of changes in your sourcing strategy. Read more.