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Virtual IT curriculum covers the training requirements from IT professionals to company executives. Subjects covered vary from e-Business to technical knowledge and methodologies.

We provide both scheduled and bespoke training courses. Bespoke training is designed to meet an organization's technology trends. By interviewing trainees prior to a training session we gain knowledge of the users' environment and tools used, allowing us to provide training adaptable to their specific needs.

       The following training services are offered:                            Courses we provide:


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Project Management

Project Management involves the control and schedule of resources costs and time. This course is indented for upper level management personnel who are responsible for controlling and delivering medium to large projects based on the work provided by a group of people and other resources.

It explores the ''best practice'' by examining the principles context and timing in the application of project management Planning Monitoring and Control and Qualification and Risk Analysis. The training course covers the processes and procedures for the successful management of the projects.

Project Management is essential to ensure successful completion of a project on time to budget and to the agreed level of quality. To achieve these it involves:

Advance Project Management Techniques

This course is a continuation of the Project Management Course, providing Advanced Techniques in Project Management such as:

The objective of this course is:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM amalgamates all the information a vendor knows about a customer, in order to provide better service and build strong relationships and loyalty. CRM attempts to automate much of the customer life cycle, including generating targeted campaigns and focus segments to providing customer information to personnel in call centers and over the web, that are providing after-sales service and support. The focus of this seminar is on how superior customer relationship knowledge management can dramatically alter the traditional rules of business and e-business.


The effect of e-Business in the growth of an organization

Implementation and use of the latest technology in e-Business allows organization to reduce costs, increase productivity and provide better customer service.  To take the advantage of the offered opportunities a number of changes must be made within an organization.  These changes include organizational, culture, business processes and technology changes.  

The purpose of this seminar is to assist the participants in identifying and preparing their organizations, procedures and infrastructure, transforming their Business to e-Business. The seminar will cover e-Business basics, terminology, advantages, opportunities and constrains combined with a methodology of steps required to implement an e-Business Strategy.


Information Technology for Executives

All organizations have a number of systems that they rely on in processing their data. Systems used include Finance, Payroll and Logistics systems. Taking also into consideration the vast amount of technology out their organization need to use fast networking solution, E-Mail and Office Automation tools. Organizations are asked to spend a considerable amount of their budget in order to maintain and upgrade their IT infrastructure.

Today's decision-makers must rely on the use of Information Technology in making decisions. Decision-makers use IT Technology from Forecasting sales and stocks and implementing their long-term strategies. Understanding technology to a certain degree is a must for each executive.

This course is intended to provide executives with the minimal terminology to understand trends in technology and approve the necessary budget for deploying IT systems.

Internet and Intranet

As part of our Internet and Intranet services, Virtual IT provides technology and business training on these technologies. The training subjects are designed in one-day modules each. By combining these modules we provide the training required to cover the specific needs of our customers. Subject covered include the following:

Evaluation and Implementation of Information Systems

Aim of the seminar is to provide executives and administrative staff or an organization the methods and techniques in putting together Information Technology specifications for their organizations required for producing Hardware and Software Systems.

Participants will be provided with the methods and techniques in interviewing users, documenting and grouping requirements covering current and future functionality requirements. In addition, participants will be provided with training on new technologies, integration and interoperability concepts encapsulation hardware and software requirements within a Tender document.

The seminar will also provide methods of building evaluation criteria, assigning weights on criteria, evaluating proposals and selecting the most cost effective solutions. Basic skills of how to manage a successful project are also provided.


Presentation Skills for IT people

Many IT solution sales are lost or won during the sales presentation. Yes it is amazing how many badly prepared and carelessly executed presentations continue to be delivered to prospective customers.

The aim of this one-day course is to provide the participants with a methodical, time and field-tested way of presenting an IT solution. Even if participants have attended a generic ''Presenting with impact''' course, this course will address specific requirements of a team presentation by sales people and technical experts of a complex IT solution to an audience made up of business and IT people.


e-Business Training

This seminar will focus on the business uses of electronic commerce, consumer's trends and consumer markets as a revenue source. The seminar also provides an overview of the technologies and risks of on-line systems providing business people with the required Internet and e-Business terminology. Emphasis will be given on what and how organizations can exploit the business hype and transform their current business infrastructure to accommodate e-Business.


e-Commerce Technical Training

This seminar will focus on the technical infrastructure required to implement an electronic commerce shop / market place.

The seminar cover in detail processes, techniques, technologies and security issues of on-line systems. There will be practical experience with workshops on how to create a shop, product catalogue, product categories, customer management and order management. The course will included e-Payment systems.

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