Virtual IT Services

In the ever growing business environment demands are placed on every enterprise to control and analyze costs, analyze revenues, become flexible in responding to changing business requirements, and make more informed management decisions. The aim of our professional services is to address these demands and assist enterprises to overcome the various hurdles by offering high quality business and technical consulting services.  Our services include:


Social Media

Social Media Strategy and Implementation solutions and services required by any business to take advantage of the benefits offered by Social Networking.  Services include auditing, requirements analysis, formulation of strategy, identification and selection of tools, monitoring and mobile applications.

Project Management Services

Our approach to project management services is to provide our customers with a visible and measurable framework, supported by appropriate tools, and an incremental implementation approach with built in quality for any type of project. Virtual IT project management services are provided by PRINCE2 accredited consultants.

Business Consulting Services

Derive, model and document business requirements based on a number of techniques such as:

Information and Communication Technology Services - IT Services

Virtual IT incorporates a number of diverse management and technical skills and techniques to provide an overall systems solution to a business problem. Our approach to any project is to provide a comprehensive coverage of all systems in the organization so that both current and future needs are addressed.

Choosing the most appropriate technologies, telecom providers, system integrators and migration roadmaps / plans to reach the optimum solution for an enterprise requires analysis of the issues, extensive knowledge and research.  We design network, data flow, MIS and communication solutions and select software solutions and tools using state of the art innovative ICT solutions, evaluated and selected based on the enterprises current and future needs providing ROI through increase in competitiveness, productivity and substantial costs reduction.

A combination of methods, tools and techniques are utilized as best suited for each specific type of project. Recommendations provided include integration of all aspects of database, hardware, software, networking, and telecommunication issues.


IT Strategy

Visualize the emerging business environment of our customers and leverage Information Technology to create the appropriate organizational arrangement required to support the customer business strategy. Our challenge is to adapt the organizational and technological capabilities in order to be in dynamic alignment with our customers business vision.

Our approach is to understand the issues that determine the influence of information technology for a particular organization and the processes that will allow a smooth coordination of technology and corporate strategy.

E-Business Consulting

Our consultants evaluate your business procedures, processes, requirements, customer relationships and prioritize your goals, helping you to create the e-Business architecture, processes and methods to increase your productivity, and reduce costs. Areas of expertise include e-Commerce, e-Travel, e-Government and e-Learning. Services include:

CRM Consulting

With the intensified competition, companies realize that they need to treat their customers differently - with respect, one to one. Customers have a lot more choices and they don't have to be loyal to any company. Both existing business and born-on-the web startups increasingly realize that knowledge is their only sustainable edge, customers their key asset, and channel relationships their fountainhead of adaptability. Organizations are turning to knowledge and customer relationship management with high hopes of reducing the complexity, uncertainty, unexpected competitor innovations and shifting markets.

Our overall CRM services objective is to provide guidelines towards customer retention and loyalty. The consulting services offered focuses on identifying and implementing customer relationship, knowledge and channel relationship, management and processes, which will bring together your suppliers, distributors, service providers, business allies and customers.

Procurement Services

Based on derived specifications, our procurement services include development of tender documents, evaluation of proposals and recommendations of the appropriate, hardware and software systems.

Follow up implementation project management services are provided to foresee the satisfactory implementation of the awarded contract are also provided.

Innovation Consulting Services

Globalization, extensive competition, lower profit margins and regulatory requirements are some of the factors affecting the growth and competitiveness of enterprises today. Innovation provides the means by which enterprises can address and mitigate these factors extending their transforming into pioneer organizations.

Virtual IT Innovation consulting services provides mechanisms to implement Innovation culture identify new methods, develop new products and solve any problem using innovative solutions. Our methodology includes procedures for collecting, capturing, documenting, evaluating, selecting and implementing the most innovate solutions. Based on our ICT expertise our methodology includes techniques to map and address innovation ideas through state of the art technologies.

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